Tango Argentino Across London

About us

NEGRACHA Tango Club is a world-class tango dance and arts centre where tango aficionados can dance, learn, practice, rehearse, perform, read, expose, watch and talk about Tango Argentino and other related activities.


A milonga is the tango equivalent of a ball, the social event where everyone gathers to dance (Milonga also refers to a faster, merrier form of tango music). Centrally located in the heart of London, steps away from Holborn and Covent Garden tube stations, Milonga NEGRACHA is the UK’s leading and most popular tango club attracting over 200 people every Friday night.


NEGRACHA Tango School provides a comprehensive class programme covering all aspects and styles of tango Argentino. Our resident teachers are professional dancers with extensive experience teaching and performing in the UK and abroad. The programme also regularly features special dance and music workshops by international artists, art exhibitions, talks and other tango-related activities.

Principal Teacher

Ivan Arandia is an Argentinean tango dancer, choreographer and teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching and performing in the UK, Europe, Australia, Mexico and Argentina. Ivan is the principal teacher at NEGRACHA Tango Club, one of UK’s leading tango venues. He also teaches and performs regularly at various scenes in London, the UK and abroad.


- Toured the UK with ensemble TANGO SIEMPRE (1998-2000).
- In Australia, performed in the show “TANGO TAKES 2” (2001-2002).
- Danced in the show “LA MILONGA INTERNA” at the 2004 Festival do Atlantico in Portugal.
- Danced, as a member of the company TIEMPO de TANGO (2004 - 2008), at the 58 LLangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales and at the Edinburgh Festival among other important venues and events in the UK
- Toured the UK with Aerial Dance Theatre Company WIRED (2008)
- Choreographed and performed in “TRANSTANGO”, a multi-disciplinary show featuring world-class musicians such as Marcelo Nisinman and Tim Garland, visual artists, and dancers, which toured the UK in 2010-2012.
- Currently working on “TANGO and the CITY”, a dance theatre piece that examines the life of 4 tango dancers living in London.


- Danced in the movie “EVITA” (1996)
- Starred in “STRICTLY DANCING”(1998), a Channel 4 documentary on Tango in London.
- Tango trainer for dance segment of “Love and Other Disasters” featuring Brittany Murphy.
- Danced the tango segment of the BBC series “DANCING CHEEK to CHEEK” (2014). (2014).
- Choreographed and performed the dance scenes in the documentary “LEGACY: Rugby World Cup 2015”.

Having trained and worked as a contemporary dancer for a number of years, the last thing Tara expected was to find herself swept up in the exotic, passionate world of Argentine Tango. She took her first steps in Paris under the tutelage of Carlos Schott and Rosa Forte-Berg, and a year later she travelled to Buenos Aires keen to learn, and to understand more about the history and culture behind the form.

In Buenos Aires Tara studied with many great maestros including Pablo Villaraza and Dana Frigoli, Gustavo Naveira, Mariano ‘Chicho’ Frumboli and Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa.

Tara started teaching in 2007 in Paris. She has taught in France, the UK and in Buenos Aires with a number of partners including Pablo Echeverria, Javier Antar, Matthieu Dupré and Amir Giles. She currently teaches regularly with Ivan Arandia at the Negracha Tango School in London. She shares with her students not only her ample knowledge of tango technique, but also an understanding of anatomy and music enriched by her experience of other dance forms. In 2008 she completed a diploma in Spiraldynamik® Technique, a revolutionary movement concept which has greatly influenced both her dancing and her teaching methods.

As a tango dancer and choreographer Tara has performed in a wide variety of venues, from the Royal Opera House to the British Library. In 2011 she co-choreographed the show Dreaming Cities, for Transtango at King’s Place, and book part in the River Tango Festival, London.


Paula is a well-established full time dancer and teacher of the Argentine Tango in London.

She has been a member of Professional Tango Dance companies such as Conexion Tango (Milton y Romina), Rea Danza, Compania Nazional de danza Arcos de Buenos Aires and teaches for schools such as Negracha Tango London, Leandro Palou Tango Academy amongst other London schools and venues. Paula performs Tango in regular weekly shows such as Cabaret des Distractions at Cafe de Paris and Guanabara Club. She is strong in her performing and choreography skills, having been awarded with 1st prize place for best dancer at the 2011 Bormujos international Dance competition. Paula also has an extensive experience teaching the Argentine Tango, she has delivered workshops at international Tango events, amongst world renown teachers such as Geraldine Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi.

Paula loves to work with people with all sorts of experience and watching their amazement as they grow in confidence. It is very rewarding to see how ones perseverance and patience leads to great joy and transformation - that is how teaching the Argentine Tango became her passion. Paula has a very personalized approach and will work closely with you to create something that you can feel totally comfortable and genuine with when dancing. She delivers group and 1 to 1 lessons, as well as private and corporate performances nationally and abroad.